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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Beamish again!

(By the way, I have just got back from the Land of My Heart Forever, Scotland the Brave in time to go up to Brinscall in three days, so not very many posts from there either as they haven't got the internet. I will, however, probably be taking some pics at Brinscall so you may get to see them if I can be bothered to blog in the week between coming back from Brinscall and going to Venice (no, I'm not incredibly rich - the Venice holiday is the only one which we are actually paying for).)

Here, then, is another Beamish pic.

Hannah and Liv. Both looking slightly insane. Enough said, I think. (lmsao)

Cya later (later a.k.a. when I get fed up of doing whatever I'm about to do now)

Love yas all, as I always say,

xxx Liz xxx

Both quotes the starts of MCR songs today, randomly, so there you go.

"In the middle of a gunfight, in the centre of a restaurant, they say come with your arms raised high"

"Oh baby here comes the sound - I took a train out of New Orleans and they shot me full of ephedrine (sp?!?!?)"

(Hmmmm, may have used that last one before at some point.)


Sunday, July 24, 2005

One more Beamish pic!

And that's all you're getting, at least for now.

Dearest Olivia was SERIOUSLY hyper, and when she realised we were taking photos she started jumping up and down like a maniac. For a while, quite comedically I thought, we just left her there, leaping about, but when she started yelling "TAKE A PICTURE! TAKE A PICTURE!" we decided to do so, to shut her up.

And this is the result. heehee :)

anyway, I am going on holiday for a bit now, so probably no posts from me for a little bit.

see yas all in a while then,

lvin ya forever,


"Where are you? And I'm so sorry! I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight..." hehe Blink :'D

"Oh baby here comes the sound! I took a train out of New Orleans and they shot me full of ephadrine (sp?!?!?) This is how we like to do it at the murder scene - Can we settle up the score?"

xxx don't you love that bit that goes "we are young and we don't care *a-wa-ow* your dreams and your hopeless hair *a-wa-ow*" ????? i do! xxx

Would you believe I published this on the wrong blog?

I really did publish this on Orcface is the best, I'm not just giving it more publicity. Honestly, I did publish this totally un-orcy thing on that totally orcy site!. Anyway, to the Beamish pics...

This one is my fave of them all, especially the ones taken at the Pumping Station. The looks on all of their faces are priceless, and HAILEY IS NOT MOVING ANYMORE!!! The gothic girl with black hair who seems to be examining the back of Liv's head is STAYING and not going to Cornwall!!!!!!! YAY!

Hanhan is asleep, I think. lol. Steph's doing a strange impression of an aeroplane, and Liv looks remarkably like a hamster. But you can see that yourself.

More in another post!

cya in a sec then:


Friday, July 22, 2005


Wow. OK.

So, the Beamish trip. Well, the Beamish trip was organised by Mrs Carrington (a.k.a. the Percy Pig Thief; more on that later) and the rest of the (obviously socially lacking) History Department staff.

(Also, some Maths teachers came. WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

But STILL. We went to the Beamish Museum (after a particularly boring, on my part, what-seemed-like-eight-hour bus ride, which probably lasted about 5 or 6 hours) in, erm... well, somewhere near Newcastle and Gateshead, anyway. It was interesting in a kind of non-interesting way, if you see what I mean (which you probably don't, but work with me here), in the way museums usually are to the kind of idiot savant that is MOI.

Anyway, Re: the YOUTH HOSTEL.

A description of other people's rooms follows...

Dirty, small, disgusting, with beds full of unmentionable things, sheets stained with God-knows-what, etc etc.

A description of OUR (Me, Jenny McK, Steph U) room...

Clean, fairly big and pretty, with good-to-quite-good (also clean) beds, sheets which none of us used but, had we done so, would not have been disappointed with, etc etc.

For some reason, our room was so much better than everyone else's. STRANGE or what?

The food was, however, for everyone, equally RANK. White, solid scrambled egg, burnt toast, cold chips, and straight-out-of-a-five-year-old-can sweetcorn were among the disgusting foodstuffs on offer.

Obviously, the general mood was not good among the usually-Heswall/Gayton-resident, spoilt-out-of-your-mind, precious little dears usually known as YEAR 8 (or, now, year 9) AT BIRKENHEAD HIGH SCHOOL.

(God, I hope none of them reads this.)

In the middle of the night, Mrs Carrington knocked on our door claiming to have heard noises THREE TIMES. The third time, after she had repeatedly pointed out our stock of Percy Pigs, Jen offered her one and she took two. Every time we heard a noise, in our hyper-sleepover-girlie mood, it was Mrs Carrington coming back to steal our Percy Pigs. (Why is everybody so obsessed with those anyway? They're just PINK SWEETS. But STILL.)

Anyway, the next day's highlights included climbing up a mountainside in strong wind (and slight rain, shock-horror), taking photos of sheep, and going around the shops in Ambleside.

The last of which is the best, because Steph and I know Ambleside. I have a good memory and have been about three or four times, and Steph has been going there yearly since she was knee-high to a grasshopper. We visited (with Laura G and Steph P): the chippie; the chocolate shop; the (one and only good in Ambleside) clothes shop and many many more.

It was lots of fun.

That day, Steph had asked and been allowed to come on our coach, so on the way home we shared headphones and listened to her Evanescence CD whilst making intermittent conversation about something or other.

After I got back to the picking-up place, the Pumping Station in Woodside, I looked at the two disposable cameras I had bought in the service station on the way North and saw that I had about 20 photos left.

Hannah, as you may have already predicted (she's just like that, is Hannah), helped me to use them up by taking as many photos of me, herself, Liv, Hailey and Steph in stupid poses as possible.

I really wish my Hello was working so I could show you the least embarrassing ones, but unfortunately it isn't so you are denied that pleasure until (if ever) I get it to work.

OK, that's that.

I'll see youse all later babes n dudes (lol)

luv yas forever :-X


"I've told you time and time again, you sing the words but don't know what it means to be a joke and look, another line without a hook..." (MCR lol)

"You've got to press it on you, you just think it, that's what you do baby, hold it down, yeah"

:P cya!

Wow! How bored am I that

I'm going to post on this site for NO APPARENT REASON! As you can see, I am in MOVIE SCRIPT MODE, putting all important facts IN CAPITAL LETTERS. This is because I have spent my leisure time over the last few days, READING MOVIE SCRIPTS.

lol. I have no idea why I am laughing out loud, and in fact, physically, I am not, but I fear that 'lol' has become part of my vocabulary due to days and days of excessive Instant Messaging on MSN.

Anyway, today at some point during today I realised that I HAVEN'T BLOGGED ABOUT BEAMISH!!!

WOW! I mean, that's really weird. Usually that kind of event in my ever-so-un-un-un-hectic life (heehee, Bill and Ted 'un'-fest alert!!! check it out - EXCELLENT!!! *plays air guitar*) would warrant serious blogging, but this overnight school trip occurred (sp?!?!?!?!?!?!?) nearly A MONTH AGO (see, movie script mode, I told you!!) and still nothing has been said about it.

However, for the purposes of easy editing (or, so I will be able to tell that this post is actually about nothing in particular), I am going to start a new post about Beamish (not that you actually know what Beamish is yet, or anything). OK? OK!

(note to self: WHAT WAS THAT????????)

so I will be talking to you very shortly.

:D see you then,

luv yas all, as usual,


"Sheena is a punk rocker, Sheena is a punk rocker, Sheena is a punk rocker now!"

"You call me a loser? You say I'm just a user? Well, I'll just keep on moving, cos that's the art of losing."

peace out <3 :)~(:

Thursday, July 21, 2005

You should see the amount of HTML...

...that goes into this table!!! Bloody hell, there's freakin LOADS of it!!!

Which Harry Potter Male is Stalking You? by Dooreatoe
Favorite Color
Your StalkerFred or George Weasley
Days he has been stalking you64
Where he is right nowIn your shower
How do you find out?He confesses his love to you in the hallway
How it all endsHe kills you, not being able to handle your beauty
Quiz created with MemeGen!

That's so funny! lol try it urself and see how good it is! Nat a.k.a. the artist formerly known as Moog's said:

Where are they now? 'Don't look in your cupboard'


ok, thats it for now...

love yas all <3>Liz<~_x:P

"I've got another confession to make, I'm no fool." aren't you, Dave Grohl?

"Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)" (Blink! Oh yes go me!)


The purpose of this post is to SLAG OFF POSERS.

Mostly, the kind of posers that I paticularly hate (although all of them are pretty awful) are girls.

Take, for example, the punk-rock posers, and Green Day.

They are girls who have heard one, two or all of the following:

1. American Idiot (the single, not the album)

2. Holiday

3. Boulevard of Broken Dreams

and said to themselves, "hmmm, what a good song. And that lead singer guy is SO CUTE!" For some reason, for the POSER GIRLS, this constitutes being a huge fan, and 'loving' Green Day.

Some of them may not even buy the album. Mostly, though, they buy American Idiot but only listen to tracks 1, 3 and 4 (the aforementioned numbers), which in my opinion is even worse. They have no knowledge of any of Green Day's other albums. They probably wouldn't like them if they did. And for some reason inside their empty little heads they have labelled themselves 'punk'.

POSERS usually change their image like they change their socks.

Feel sorry for them? Say they're only doing it to 'fit in'? Then why don't they act like, hmm, I don't know, THEMSELVES for a while, and see how that works out? People will like you a lot more if you are yourself and not A POSER.

OK... again, that was a bit more harsh than I like to be usually, but I really do hate those people.

Luv ya!


"Going to the discotech-a-go-go" :P (go Ramones btw)

"Up the stairs the station where the act becomes the art of growing old" (ditto Brand New, and thanks to Tom for tellin me about them - thx hunni bunni :P)

xxx lv yas all

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Sloganizer.net - the funniest slogans in the world (heehee)

And you also get them in German!!!

No, seriously, watch this...

generated by sloganizer.net

You think that's cool? Wait 30 seconds, then refresh this page...


(and, as you can see, i'm making a desperate plea for you to go to my other blog, OrcFace is the best - well, actually i'm threatening you with repeated plugs of it if you don't visit it immediately...)

see ya later, loads of lovely lovely love,


"20-20-24 hours to go... I wanna be sedated. Nothin to do nowhere to go-o-o... I wanna be sedated." (Ramones rock!)

"I've told you time and time again, you sing the words but don't know what they mean..." (ditto My Chemical Romance)

Thought: Why are they always song lyrics and not actual things people have said?

I'll leave you, dear reader, with that...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005



Take the quiz: "Which Marauder are you destined for? and why?"

Sirius Black
He loves you, the way you stand up for what you believe in. That you have a high respect for others. You're kind gentle and trusting. He loves that you are so understanding and that you believe in him and have faith. He would die for you he loves you so much.



shame he's dead, though.

c ya (oh by the way, i also love Zenhex.com)

liz xxooxxooxx

No quotes, sorry i can't be bothered...


Take the quiz: "Do you know where your towel is? (Which Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy character are you?)"

Ford Prefect (Ix)
Yeah, almost the funnest guy in the known universe besides your pal Zaphod. You know how to have a good time, even if all the sods around you dont. Why dont you ditch Arthur already and go to a party? You're pretty impressive (After all, you work for the GUIDE) and you have been scarred for life because of your long term residence on earth. Of course, you left eventually, and you always knew where your towel was.

Somehow, this is me. I don't see it, but it would appear so...

anyway, more later, don't forget to check out my other blog, OrcFace Is The Best!!! (thinks: i hope this link works *crosses fingers*)

see ya! liz xxoooxx

"My shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's beating..."

"I'm OK, I'm OK, I'm OK... trust me, I'M NOT OK"

(hmmmm... punk makes SO much sense, doesn't it??)

Sunday, July 10, 2005

I get two weeks longer holidays than everyone else! Yes, because our school is REALLY COOL (not but whatever) BHS STUDENTS GET 8 WEEKS IN THE SUMMER INSTEAD OF 6!

hahahahahahaha state schools!!! heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeeeeee!!!!!

Oh yes! this rocks! now i can write my book (in Randy Ingermanson's
  • Snowflake Method
  • of course.)

    thats it for now

    "I'm surprised that you haven't been told before that you're lovely and you're perfect and that somebody wants you"

    "bus stop, wet day, she's there, i say 'please share my umbrella'"

    ps don't forget to check out
  • Warped Helium
  • because Nat rocks and she is very funny (and she did not force me to write this! It was written of my own - free - will! *noise of struggle* Repeat - my own free will!)

    luv ya! liz xxxoOoxxx (I <3 Evanescence)